10 good reasons to meet in Holland
Holland may be small in size, but that also makes it a very compact country, offering more possibilities per square kilometer than you can find anywhere else in the world! But there are more reasons why Holland is such a fantastic destination for your next event. Here are the top 10:

1. Easily accessible
One of the reasons for the country's accessibility is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This airport offers excellent connections to local, regional and international airports. In addition, public transport is well organised and offers a good alternative to travelling by car within the Netherlands. The European high-speed train network will make Holland even more accessible in the near future.

2. Compact
A small country like the Netherlands facilitates quick and easy access to wherever you want to go. You will not lose any valuable convention time on travelling long distances. What's more, Holland's public transport system and road networks are reliable and efficient.

3. Convention infrastructure
The Netherlands offers a wide range of restaurants and hotel accommodations, from pleasant budget hotels to five-star accommodations. As a small country with centuries of experience in international relations, the Netherlands boasts an excellent convention infrastructure.

4. International outlook
Holland has always been known as a tolerant country with an international outlook. This is a great advantage for an international convention or meeting. In addition, the majority of the Dutch speak excellent English and often can communicate effectively in another foreign language.

5. Professional organisers
Thanks to their ample experience in organising conventions, you may rely fully on our professionals for the organization of your international convention or meeting. The Dutch organisers are friendly, pragmatic and decisive. 

6. Stable economic and political climate
Holland enjoys a very stable economic and political climate. This allows you to organise a convention without any risks.

7. State-of-the-art ICT infrastructure
Holland boasts efficient, multifunctional convention centres equipped with state-of-the-art communication and audio-visual facilities.

8. Culture and entertainment
The Dutch cities offer a wide selection of concerts, museums, theatre shows and dance performances, as well as other types of entertainment. There is more than enough to choose from, ensuring an enjoyable social programme.

9. Price/quality ratio
The price/quality ratio of products and services is excellent. Moreover, foreign visitors may be refunded the 19% VAT they have paid for certain services and products.

10. Service and hospitality
The Dutch welcome their foreign guests with open arms. We are known for our enthusiasm to ensure that international visitors enjoy their stay.


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